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By putting our years of experience to good use, we have been able to select the very best products for our customers.  Having tried many manufacturers of paints, there were only two that truly stood out from the crowd, and as such we are proud to be stockists of both Farrow & Ball and The Little Greene Paint Company.

About Little Greene

Little Greene is an independent British paint manufacturer, committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality paints and wallpapers. With records dating back to the year 1773, the Little Greene Dye Works of Collyhurst Wood on the outskirts of Manchester is one of England’s most ancient industrial sites for the making of paints and dye solutions.

The Earl of Derby granted rights for the use of the site as a ‘house producing colours’ in the 18th century. Joshua Rowlands, the earliest identifiable proprietor of the works, led the development of traditional paints for domestic and industrial use, drawing upon his experience of making dye solutions for the cotton trade.

Situated at the confluence of the rivers Irk and Irwell, the site’s popularity over the centuries stemmed from the ready source of fast flowing clean water from the Pennines. This natural resource was used for both motive force to power the paint grinding stones and as a valuable clean ingredient incorporated into the products.

The early paints would have been based on natural resins and pigments, similar in many ways to those used by the great artists of old. The development of synthetic compounds for the colouring of materials during the 19th century provided faster and more efficient production; however many of them were proven not to be as safe or as good as the ones they replaced.

We incorporate many of the materials used in the past for the preparation of the very high quality paints we make today – something Joshua Rowlands would have been both amused by and proud of.

We are particularly proud of our paints’ depth of colour – undertones that subtly change in different lights, providing real character and definition:
the more complex the pigmentation, the more interesting the colour. These formulations, and reassuringly high pigment levels (over 40% more pigment than many ordinary paints), give Little Greene paints an unequalled depth of colour and a true point of difference.

Little Greene wallpapers are a beautiful complement to the company’s paint palette. Each collection resurrects designs found in forgotten archives, employing specialist printing methods on the finest grade papers to give the wallpapers their sophisticated textures, elegant appearance, durability and longevity.

The English Heritage Colours

Little Green period paint colours. The Little Greene paint collections are the result of combined research to discover the true historical colours used over several key periods in historic decoration from early Georgian right up to the 1970s. They are clearly marked on the colour card and there is a key to the period from which they hail.

As a natural extension of the partnership, Little Greene were invited to explore the extensive English Heritage wallpaper archive, now housed at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire. The result is several stunning wallpaper collections based on original documents discovered during the protection and restorations of some of England’s finest historic properties.

Stunning flocks, sophisticated prints and use of vivid colours and metallic finishes bring the archive to life for the 21st Century, whilst complementary paint shades allow you to create a beautiful cohesive result.

About Farrow & Ball

The F&B Difference

Ask us what the single most important characteristic that makes Farrow & Ball paint so very special is, and we’ll tell you this:

It’s the extraordinary way their deep and richly pigmented colours respond to light throughout the day, bringing walls to life.

This distinctive Farrow & Ball look can be made uniquely yours, inside and out, wherever you live and whatever your style. Read a little more about creating your own unique look here or discover what makes us different below.

Our Paint

Our distinctive palette of 132 timeless colours is renowned for its depth and complexity. Brimming with only the finest ingredients and rich pigments, our paint responds extraordinarily to all types of light to bring your walls to life. This unique look transforms modern and traditional homes, large and small, inside and out, across the world. You can read a little more about creating your unique look by clicking here.

Each colour tells a story, whether it’s inspired by the beauty of nature, our Dorset home, historic houses or notable people and places. Discover hushed tones such as Elephant’s Breath, hues as deep as Hague Blue and the exact shade of our Borrowed Light.